Tech Specs

Skybox Standard Stage Setup

Skybox Provides

We Provide all microphones, stands & mic cables, PA System and experienced Sound Engineer


Approx 8ft deep by 16ft wide


Led stage lighting (Operated by Sound Engineer)

Electrical Outlets

Plenty of 110V outlets on back wall.

PA System

One pair of Double 18 Sub Bins, with Two pairs of double 15 & horn Cabinets on Top.

Floor Monitors

  • Three 15 inch cabinet floor monitors at front of stage, each on its on mix.
  • One Double 15 w/horn for drummers monitor On its own mix.

That’s four separate floor monitors each on its own mix.
Available – Two additional monitor sends- if band has in-ears or extra powered speakers .


(fully digital) Soundcraft Si Impact with Digital Stage Box. (20 available inputs, XLR).

Additional Information

Our House Engineer mixes All Bands, 20 years exp with Major Artists , Local Bands & Events.

  • ALL Bands are encouraged to bring extra D.I.s, and specialty Cables.
  • Keyboardists are encouraged to bring a small mixer and Powered Monitor for their keyboard Amplification.
  • Guitarist & Bassists of course bring their Amps & cables as well.