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Are you a band looking to book a gig at The Skybox?  Please fill out the form below to be considered.  We are usually booked out at least 3 months in advance.

Entertainment Application

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  • Please be more specific than "Boston" if possible.
    Please check off what you do
  • Please include available links for MusicIDB, Facebook, and a media channel link like YouTube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud if you have one.
  • Anyone else we should know of who is a decision maker for this band/artist?

  • Booking Policies

    The Skybox is booking artists who can draw at least 50 fans, on top of our built-in crowd.

    We have a professional sound system with stage lighting, and will provide and pay for the sound engineer for the evening.

    Seeking cover bands or tributes from within a 15 miles of Tewksbury. We can host either 1 band who can perform (3) 1-hour sets, or 2 bands who split the bill as a double-header playing approx 90 minutes each.

    Rates vary, but pay is normally $300 and up. Guarantees are possible depending on experience and proof of concept. We pay the sound engineer separately. Cover is always $5 for guests, we manage the door.

    All members should be 21+. We expect bands to promote through their channels, and not play competing shows (no other events within 3 weeks within 30 miles). This includes, for example, not promoting a Boston show the same weekend, or the weekend before or after.

    Load in at the latest 7:30. Start time is 9:pm, end time is last call 12:30, so they call last call, and then start their last song. Should be done by 12:35ish.

    Bands can have have a few people on a guest list.
  • What makes you a good fit for The Skybox?

Thank you for your interest in performing at The Skybox in Tewksbury!

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