Skybox Branding

Please use these versions of the Skybox logo when doing promotional graphics to promote events at Skybox

Transparent Skybox Venue logo for use over dark background graphics


Transparent Skybox Venue logo for use over light background graphics

#SkyboxLive – Promoting Skybox Events

If you are playing at Skybox in the future – please ensure the event is on your website and Facebook event list.  On the Facebook event, you can make Skybox [ @theskyboxsportsbar ] a co-host so it shows up in our Facebook events list as well.

If you like, you can put your band’s MusicIDB event feed on your website, it will show up automatically once the show is agreed and announced here (this is how we manage our website events). Just visit your band’s page after your claim has been approved and you’ll see a green embed button.

Please feel free to post about the show using hashtag #SkyboxLive online, and tag us @SkyboxRestaurant on Instagram or @theskyboxsportsbar on Facebook.

Posting a few pictures during the night of the event or a recap the next day is a great way to promote for future shows.

Thanks you!

-Skybox MGMT